Razer DeathAdder essential - White

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For more than a decade, the Razer DeathAdder line has been a mainstay in the global esports arena. It has garnered a reputation for reliability that gamers swear by due to its proven durability and ergonomics. Now, we’re making it even more accessible with its latest successor—the Razer DeathAdder Essential.




The Razer DeathAdder Essential retains the classic ergonomic form that’s been a hallmark of previous Razer DeathAdder generations. Its sleek and distinct body is designed for comfort, allowing you to maintain high levels of performance throughout long gaming marathons, so you’ll never falter in the heat of battle.



5 Hyperesponse Buttons

Independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons give you advanced controls for a competitive edge.

Up to 10 Million Clicks

The multi-award winning Razer™ Mechanical Switches last up to 10 million clicks for longer lifespan and extreme reliability.

6,400 DPI Optical Sensor

Allows fast and precise mouse swipes that offer greater control for the most essential gaming needs.




This product has been awarded the UL ECOLOGO® and manufactured with product life cycle thinking in mind—minimizing environmental impact at every step of its journey.

Ease of disassembly

Disassembly and repair references are appropriate to the standard

Management of Materials

Complies with EU restricted substance regulations

Dermal Biocompatibility

Evaluated for
skin sensitization

Responsible Manufacturing

Manufactured in facilities committed to environmentally responsible management as evidenced by certification to ISO 14001